[imc-sheffield] g8 shoplifting

Fabian Frenzel Fabian.Frenzel at student.shu.ac.uk
Tue May 17 09:53:05 PDT 2005

Hi Steve, I see your point in regard of the posting, but it was actually
considered during one of the last G8 prep-meetings that a jo-mango type of
action would be a really nice thing during G8 in Sheffield
Unfortunealty yomango and their robin hood like philosophy  of large open and
free dinerparties created of lifted (aka liberated) commodities is not
mentioned at all in the posting and anyway, it is nothing to discuss in advance
in public, rather advertise in retrospect....
but it remains a nice idea to have a large dinner free for everybody and there
is also a film about it which we at least can screen (e.g. in the Showroom)

I like the idea of a feature on Sheffield G8. I just proposed a call out for
the dissent network meeting in Nottingham on g8 list and will advertise our
actions there, but a feature would be great and easy as blurb and plan already


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