[imc-sheffield] 323801 won't appear

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue Sep 27 00:49:04 PDT 2005


On Mon 26-Sep-2005 at 07:21:04PM +0100, Steve Against the
War wrote:
> So I still don't know how to get an article to be in
> events but not on the newswire?

Well I don't think this is a good idea and I don't
recomend it but if you *really* want to publish articles
that are not linked to from anywhere then publish them and
don't tick any regions, topics, actions or uk.

If you do this then the article will only be linked to
from the viewall posts page, no other link to it will
appear on the site... but I still don't think this is a
good idea...


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