[imc-sheffield] magical mystery tour posting

Fabian Frenzel Fabian.Frenzel at student.shu.ac.uk
Fri Sep 30 13:28:34 PDT 2005

Hi there...
just published an article on the newswire on
the magical mystery tour...
could admins please
tick manchster, leeds and also
delete one of the pictures that accidently went up twice
sort out the mistake I made with the html formatting of two links who do not
appear at the end of the article and finally
please add it to the events section (without taking it off the newswire)

You are great, thanks...
also I'd like to propose another no border feature, maybe from the mid of next
week that
includes a report from bolton demo/section 9 (and pics) refers to the shooting
of two refugees apparently by spanish border police on the moroccan border and
highlights the magical mystery tour...
I started writing it up and it should be finished after the demo tomorrow...
also...is someone there at the demo in bolton tomorrow with digital camera?
There is still spaces in the bus, leaving 9.30am from paternoster row ex ncpm,
hallam union. just come along...


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