[imc-st.louis] another co-lo option

dann green dann at stlimc.org
Thu Dec 23 09:51:59 PST 2004

Yeah, I agree that having similar politics is an advantage to being with
seaccp... Politics versus not having to fedex hardware upgrades.... tough

I'd be OK with going either way
....but as long as we're still debating this, let me put down that there's
something to be said for not grouping all activist sites together. That
is, if major action happened with another of seaccp's sites, their
upstream provider (peer1) could pull the whole plug, including us. There's
less chance of that happening if we're not grouped with other "hot" sites.
Of course, like you say, if we go local there's more chance of us getting
the plug pulled for our own damn fault.

As for seaccp not being available in january, I read it as it not being
available UNTIL january.


> One big advantage of riseup and seaccp is that their stated interests
> make them more likely to resist supeonas and cease-and-desist orders.
> Recall stlimc.org has been taken down in the past by such means, and
> that smaller ISPs (like Acumen and I presume womenrock.org) rarely
> have little option but to comply unconditionally with supeonas, lest
> they be forced offline entirely.
> The DNS and backup MX hosting can be done at http://www.everydns.net,
> regardless of where the server finds its new home.
> My understanding is that the colo rent with seaccp or riseup was going
> to be under $50/mo, but I'm not sure about this.  Did I read correctly
> from Tom a couple days ago that seaccp will be unavailable in January?
> On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 17:42:36 -0600, Dann <dann at stlimc.org> wrote:
>> Tom, Ben, others: what other questions should I ask him? DNS? MX?
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