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Mon Mar 14 08:34:15 PST 2005

i got this email on the us-imc list and this is what bht from portland has been wanting us to do for a while.  philly will update our sever to mir if we send it to them during the below mir meeting.  i believe they can also host us.  they are going to host nyc too.  TWO QUESTIONS:

 - should i see how much (if anything) that would be for hosting (because we currently have NO FUNDS to send seattle to host)?
 - do we want to have this mir meeting update our server to mir (or do we want to personally update it to sf-active?)  
 - does anyone have the time/knowledge to update to sf-active?
love - betsy:)


if anyone wants to learn more about Mir and will be near Philadelphia
in two weeks...


 Northeast Mir Meeting 2005
March 25th-26th

LAVA (4134 Lancaster), Philadelphia

Starting in the evening on Friday, March 25th, and continuing through
Saturday March 26th, techs from Philly, New York, and Baltimore will
be porting phillyimc.org and nyc.indymedia.org to new mir-based
setups. Want to learn how to install, customize, and extend MiR? Then
come to philly, or play along at home on #mir, irc.indymedia.org. The
meeting will be held at Alpha Labs, philly's new radical community
computer space, located at 4134 Lancaster Ave. (LAVA, the Lancaster
AVenue Autonomous space, also home to philly indymedia, the
defenestrator, and radio volta.)

Email tech at phillyimcSTOPSPAM.org if you are interested in coming, or
if you need directions or housing...
    * Vox sysadmin excitement ... getting apache and mod_jk playing nice together
    * Freemarker Template design
    * Customizing producers.xml for tricky topic setups
    * Migrating data from slashcode and dadaimc ... get a good look at Mir's database structure
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