[imc-st.louis] Support Civilian Review April 12

Civilian Oversight Board Campaign capcr_cob at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 05:23:14 PDT 2006

CAPCR Supporters--

We need you to mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 12. The Police Board 
will be voting on Mayor Slay’s proposal for an ineffective Civilian Review 
Board. We need to be at 1200 Clark at 9:15 am to let them know that the 
community will not accept a paper tiger which will do nothing to advance 
police accountability.

After vetoing the Kennedy Bill, Slay seems intent on quickly ramming through 
his proposal with no community input. His bill puts Civilian Review under 
the control of the police. This is not the independent review required. 
Police Commissioners have final say regarding CRB membership, and can fire 
members at any time. The Police control the purse strings. There is 
inadequate staff designated to carry out the powers granted. They have no 
ability to conduct investigations or call witnesses. They can sit in on the 
IAD interrogations of witnesses only after requesting permission from the 
Chief, and can ask no questions themselves.  There is inadequate time 
allowed for the CRB to get answers on follow up questions.

The Police Board has failed in its oversight duties by allowing the current 
accountability system to be dysfunctional. Should those who might be 
embarrassed by a truly effective look at their mistakes be put in charge of 
the hen house? It will be a setback for Civilian Review to have a plan which 
fails to deliver on real accountability.

The Mayor claims that this is the only CRB structure which will withstand 
legal scrutiny. However, the attorney for the Board of Aldermen has vetted 
the Kennedy Bill and disagrees with the City Counselor’s analysis. More 
legal opinions are on the way.

The Police Board will be complicit in the Mayor’s sham if they do not act 
independently. They need to take time to gather legal opinions, talk to the 
community, and gain some insight into why the community decision making 
process resulted in the Kennedy Bill. None of that will be possible if they 
act less than two weeks after the Mayor’s plan was proposed.

In 2004 we beat back the phony Review Board which the Police Board passed. 
We did it by the broad community rejection which resulted. We can do it 
again, if you will be there April 12!

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