[imc-st.louis] IMC story about cameraman shot in Oaxaca, e-blockcade of Mexican consulate

Ben westbywest at riseup.net
Mon Oct 30 17:14:15 PST 2006

E-blockade URL has been updated:

Ben wrote:
> St. Louis IMC is carrying a story about an NYC Indymedia cameraman who
> was shot by federales in Oaxaca, Mexico, which is part of a violent 
> re-taking of Oaxaca.  Unsurprisingly, this story is saturating Indymedia
> worldwide.
> http://www.stlimc.org/newswire/display/2407/index.php
> What's interesting is that some enterprising minds have set up an
> electronic blockade of various Mexican gov't servers.  The page below
> will continuously reload images from various Mexican gov't portals with
> the intention of bogging them down with heavy traffic.
> http://www.mountainrebel.net/oaxaca/
> Pass the word, if you desire.  The more people who read this; the more
> effective this action can be.

Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net

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