[imc-st.louis] Fundraiser: will you help?

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Sun Feb 4 19:43:52 PST 2007

hey folks,

Would anybody out there want to help do a fundraiser at Black Bear for Tina? 
Sounds like another good reason for warm homemade soup and friends at our 
local bakery. I would also like to  organize a letter writing on this same 
nite. We can do them in advance and have them ready for people to sign and 
support this fight.

Email me or call 306-1001. parys-flytrap at hotmail.com

thanks Ben for the update!

Let's pull together as a community and make a difference loud and clear.

Please help out with this!

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>Project Occupation Begins Feb. 5th
>I hope everyone knows about Project Occupation.  It is supported by 
>numerous peace organizations including Military Families Speak Out.
>I guess I began the project last week.  My son, Corporal Cloy Richards, a 
>two-time Iraq war veteran (click here for his background), received a call 
>from the Marine Mobilization Unit (MMU) on Monday while many of us were in 
>D.C. lobbying congress to support the troops by defunding the war.
>  Cloy with his sister in St. Louis on Day President Bush arrives
>Background on the Back Door Draft: September 2006
>In September, Donald Rumsfeld authorized the call up of the Marine's 
>Individual Ready Reserves, as well as National Guard and Army Ready 
>Reserves (These are men and women who opted to inactive status and forgo 
>additional aid or help from the military I exchange they would only be 
>called up during a time of insurrection or foreign invasion) in order to 
>fulfill their commitment in Operation Iraq Freedom.  The restrictions 
>placed on whom they would call up were very strict.  Only 2,500 at a time 
>could be called up. Only those that have been out more than a year, but 
>less then three and only from five MOS's (their specialty they have been 
>trained in). This left 4,479 on this list. Cloy falls within all parameters 
>and has trained in 3 of 5 of the MOS's they need.  He is on the short list.
>Cloy started to receive emails from the MMU the next day to ensure they 
>knew where he was and his status.  This has been the usual contact from 
>them.  I started a petition then to bring awareness of what was happening 
>to our military and this supposed, "All Voluntary Forces", in the hopes if 
>enough pressure was shown, they would not change my son's status and send 
>him back as well as thousands of others.  I was joined by other MFSO 
>members and we attempted to deliver a petition on November 9, 2006 to the 
>Pentagon where we were turned back by police and refused the opportunity to 
>deliver the petition.  We have lived a phone call away from him going back 
>to Iraq since then.
>January 30 to present: The Phone Call
>When my son called me in DC on Monday night and told me the MMU and asked 
>him if he was ready for deployment, we immediately reacted with the fear of 
>his imminent deployment for a third time.  As I stood up in the Senate 
>Judiciary Hearing (click here), Cloy told the MMU he was certified disabled 
>by the VA and should remain in the IRR.  He is hoping that his evaluation 
>on February 9th with the VA will be completed before they find out he is 
>still in the process of being evaluated (we have worked on this for nine 
>months).  There is no guarantee we will accomplish this.  Unfortunately, 
>our sons and daughters with PTSD are still being sent to Iraq.  During this 
>process, we have many resources to draw upon including hiring an attorney 
>if Cloy chooses that help.  If he chooses not to accept this help, there is 
>nothing anyone can do short of bringing them all home.
>Since that time, my senators Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond received 
>numerous requests to stop Cloy from being sent back to Iraq.  Their offices 
>have contacted me and assured me they would work on Cloy's behalf.  I feel 
>very fortunate they are willing to work for him; however, when I asked if 
>they will vote no on the emergency supplemental so that thousands of others 
>like Cloy won't be sent and tens of thousands of others can come home, they 
>told me no.
>Objective: Stay in DC
>Cloy has told me he does not wish to accept their help.  If they were 
>working to bring all his brothers and sisters home, he would accept it. 
>Anything else would be dishonorable as does not want to be their political 
>pawn.  I told him his voice will be heard in congress.  I returned home to 
>spend the weekend and my birthday with my son.  He told me he was sorry 
>that Iraq keeps interfering with my birthday with either deployments or 
>recalls.  This is the first time since he was 17 that we could be together. 
>He is thankful my passion to end this war has given us so many resources, 
>"for us to fight this terror threatening to tear us apart again."
>I feel obligated to stay in DC and speak with the Sub Committee of Defense 
>Senators and Representatives and request they let the families that have 
>been so hurt by this war testify at their hearings in order to help give 
>voice to the thousands of mothers and loved ones of the people who they are 
>sending to Iraq.  Their voices have been quiet at these hearings.
>One way or another I want our voices heard.
>Only two representative have met with me.  Ike Skelton and Jo Ann Emerson 
>of Missouri.  I read Cloy's poem and Jo Ann told me she has not decided how 
>she is going to vote.  It is a 50/50% chance I will either hate her or love 
>her.  She said no one else has contacted her or even brought up the subject 
>of Iraq and as she represents her constituents, she must hear from them in 
>order to decide.  I am encouraged that it was only a remote chance before 
>my meeting.
>When Ike Skelton insisted President Bush have an exit strategy prior to the 
>war, Bush wrote him and told him he didn't need his vote, he had enough 
>votes without his. He would not tell me how he will vote, but as one of the 
>few with sons over there now, I know it has to tear him apart.
>Project Occupation's goal is to ensure every representative and senator has 
>heard from us and that it rips their heart out before they vote to either 
>ensure two more years of escalation or to bring them home.
>Action to Take: Letters
>Since that day, I have been walking the halls of congress personally 
>requesting meetings with the decision makers and leaving a request for an 
>appointment and Cloy's poems (Click here to see Cloy read them).  When 
>constituents have joined me at these meetings, I have received a chance to 
>speak to their Legislative Advisors.  Many others have told me as I am not 
>a constituent, I cannot obtain a meeting.  Even though their vote will 
>directly effect my son, they don't owe responsibility to meet with me.
>I am asking everyone to write a letter of introduction to your 
>congressman/woman and Senator and requesting they meet with me (form letter 
>suggested below, but be creative).  I will hand deliver them to your 
>representative.  So when they tell me it is not their concern, I can say 
>there are people from their district that want their voices heard.
>Cloy's story is not unusual.  Unfortunately this story has been told many 
>times before. Many have gone through much worse then what we have.  
>However, sometimes a personal story can change a person's mind.  And when 
>we change the minds of the decision makers, we can change the course of our 
>country.  We have seen over the last four years some of the staunches 
>supporters of the war change their mind 180 degrees citing a single story 
>that changed it.  Remember the Freedom Fries representative?
>"Support the Troops, Defund the War"
>When I first heard the expression, "Defund the War" I was very skeptical.  
>I heard there were many wonderful bills being introduced to achieve our 
>objective of bring home our troops.  But after studying the realities (I 
>was a poly/sci major in College), I realized not one will receive a veto 
>proof majority no matter how wonderful they are.  The only true way to 
>bring them home is to cut off the funds for the war. As the mother of 
>someone who still might be over there when the funding will end, this is 
>not a decision I made lightly. There is enough money in the pipeline to 
>bring them all home safely and if more is needed they can allocate a small 
>amount to finish.  This will force the Bush administration to deal with 
>this diplomatically.  Our troops have done everything asked of them. They 
>have accomplished every mission they were sent to achieve.  We need them 
>home so they can heal.
>Our last best hope is to Defund the War.  Anything else will ensure at 
>least two more years of war and escalations.
>Donations Needed
>I will be in Washington D.C. in support of  the nation-wide Project 
>Occupation. My target is the Senate and Congressional Sub Committee of 
>Defense. I have put my life on hold for the last four years and my funds 
>are low.  I have received many requests to stay on for the entire eight 
>weeks and have received enough funds to last four weeks.  Please send 
>letters, call their DC offices and send donations so I can continue my 
>objective of letting other families and myself that are so hurt by this war 
>testify before they vote to fund this war another two years. I feel this is 
>the only way to ensure my son and others aren't deployed.   I know I am 
>asking for a miracle, but I have seen them happen before.
>Tina Richards
>MFSO Midwest Events Coordinator
>CEO Grassroots Missouri, A non-profit corporation
>MFSOMOEvents at aol.com
>Fax:  573.729.2474
>InsteadofWar.org is collecting checks and cash donations
>GrassrootsMissouri.org accepts Paypal donations
>If anyone has airline miles so can come home on weekends or have my 
>children join me in DC during the next eight weeks, I would really 
>appreciate it.  I've never been away from my kids more then a couple of 
>weeks except Cloy's time in the Marines.
>If you receive an actual appointment time, please email be at 
>TMRSalem at hotmail.com, as I will be able to receive these immediately.
>If you wish to join me or are going to be in the DC area, please contact 
>me.  I will help to provide lodgings.
>A special thank you to all who have sent in funds, Instead of War, St. 
>Louis and the Mt. Rainier, Maryland Neighborhood United for Peace and 
>Justice for all your help.  This is not possible without you.
>Dear Sen. (Rep.) your rep.'s/sen.'s name                      Feb. 2, 2007
>I am a constituent from your state / district. I would appreciate it very 
>much if you could briefly meet with Tina Richards. Her son, Cloy Richards, 
>is a Marine who served in combat in Iraq. Cloy served honorably, and now 
>suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He is seeking help from the 
>V.A. Cloy was recently notified that he may be re-activated to go back to 
>Iraq. He is a phone call away.
>I know you care deeply about our country and those who serve it to the best 
>of their ability, just as you do. Cloy Richards has done that. I know Tina 
>Richards would be extremely grateful for an opportunity to meet with you as 
>soon as possible.
>Thank you for any and all consideration given this request.
>Sincerely, your name
>Freedom of speech - Use it or lose it
>When they took away the 4th Amendment,
>we were quiet,
>because we didn't deal drugs.
>When they took away the 6th Amendment,
>we were quiet,
>because we were innocent.
>When they took away the 2nd Amendment,
>we were quiet,
>because we don't own guns.
>Now they have taken away the 1st Amendment,
>and very soon,
>If we continue to be quiet,
>we will have no choice,
>BUT to continue to be quiet.

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