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Just a quick message to let IMCistas know that if you are planning on
going to the US Social Forum or are interested in what local IMCs are
doing there, please refer to:

IMC @ the United States Social Forum wikki page:

Information includes:

* Who is Coming: please add your info or let us know how many people from
your local IMC are coming;
* Collaboration with the Ida B. Wells Media Justice Center;
* US Indymedia print project;
* Other projects (to come soon...)

How to stay in touch:

    Read this site: http://www.ussf2007.org/en/media
    Check this wiki: https://docs.indymedia.org/Local/USSocialForum
    Get on this mailing list:
    Go to this chat room: http://irc.indymedia.org channel #ussf
See you there!

Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net
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