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Subject: Occupation Project Open Meeting at 7PM

Good afternoon everyone,

A reminder that we will have a meeting of the OP this evening at 7.  [The
location may be other than at CTSA but nearby.  I'll send another email
and post a note on the door if we change location.]

We'd like to talk about the following items and any other things that
folks would like to raise.  Most of this arises from our conversation on
May 30.

1. Ongoing coordination.  If we're going to continue the OP into the fall,
we need some new blood in the coordinating group to replace and supplement
those who volunteered in February.

2. Communication.  We'll talk about an email discussion list to which
everyone can send messages and look a the web site to determine how we can
best use it.  Any volunteers for website work?

3. Affnity groups.  A check in to see which groups are still relatively
intact and interested in continuing.

4. Analysis and background.  Some desire was expressed about for more
analysis.  I'll offer a very quick overview of where things stand, at
least with regard to Congress and upcoming votes on dollars.  Perhaps
there are others who would like to take on doing research and posting
analysis to the site?

5. A look ahead to the reflection and narrative gathering that CTSA would
like to sponsor in July.

6. Actions.  Empowering affinity groups (new and old) to act where and
when they'd like in the short term.  Look to Aug/Sept and discuss whether
we'd like to undertake a larger, coordinated action to coincide with
Congressional vote on FY08 budget.

7. Colleen and Bill R are heading to Chicago for the national meeting of
UFPJ next week.  What would we like them to do there on behalf of the OP? 
What information to bring back, what input to provide?

Hope to see as many as possible this evening.  Thanks, Andrew

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Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net

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