[imc-st.louis] Fwd: Despoliation of St. Louis

ben westbywest at riseup.net
Sat Jan 19 01:51:09 PST 2008

"Regarding the ongoing demolitions at Glasgow and St. Louis Avenues, we
have not lost anything, rather it has been taken from us, through coercion
and deception, by the insidious terrorist Paul McKee. This knave somehow
believes that demolition of these buildings, at the formerly intact and
wonderfully urban intersection of Glasgow and St. Louis Avenue, is in the
best interest of the City. If one ignores the fact that these buildings
were occupied, then perhaps, with adequate hallucinogenic substances and
propaganda, this lie is palatable. The reason the emergency demolition
permit was issued is because he allowed, through negligence as a property
owner, or outright organized, the brick rustling of these buildings. This
systemic cancer is spreading across the North Side. Its cause is obvious
to those who are watching.

When will the citizenry of this once proud, cosmopolitan, and progressive
4th Most Populous City say enough is enough? When will those who believe
in St. Louis' potential recognize that his actions are racist and erasing
our history? The fruit of such history, our built environment, makes St.
Louis aesthetically attractive and economically unique due to scarcity! It
is an asset which separates us from suburbia and other cities which were
not blessed with our plethora of wonderful masonry buildings!"


Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net

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