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> *From:* Missouri Jobs with Justice [mailto:info at stl-jwj.org]
> Victory:  JwJ Leaders Save Affirmative Action
> YOU DID IT! Missouri Jobs with Justice Leaders
> Save Affirmative Action!
> Coalition turns away Ward Connerly and his paid political
> operatives.
> Missouri Jobs with Justice, working as part of the broader WE
> CAN coalition, won a tremendous victory when the deceptively
> named Missouri "Civil Rights" Initiative failed to turn in
> signatures which would have placed a constitutional ban on
> affirmative action on the November ballot.
> Missouri Jobs with Justice coordinated a three-month volunteer
> crew of voter educators including Cathy Goldstein and Palmer
> Alexander pictured here. Hundreds of voter educators combed the
> streets of their communities, day in and day out, to find
> petitioners. Once they found petitioners, educators stood
> alongside them and made sure voters knew exactly what the
> deceptively-named "Missouri Civil Rights Initiative" would do to
> Missouri.
> Volunteers logged well over a thousand hours educating voters,
> and JwJ leaders spent hundreds more desiging the campaign to
> protect our constitution and affirmative action policies. Often,
> petitioners gave up signature gathering on a site when they
> encountered our volunteers. When they learned the real intention
> behind the petition, Missouri voters throughout the state
> declined to sign, saying no to these paid political operatives
> and their designs on Missouri's constitution.
> Jobs with Justice worked in coalition with Missouri ACORN whose
> voter educators also worked throughout the state to complement
> the volunteer crews. Other WE CAN Coalition partners helped in
> the streets and spearheaded community education efforts such as
> public forums, a speakers bureau and press conferences
> throughout the campaign.
> Facing millions of dollars in outside money and hundreds of paid
> political operatives, Jobs with Justice leaders took action,
> made a significant time commitment and preserved our
> constitution and our democracy. Congratulations on this
> incredible victory!
> Click here to find out more about our victory and the powerful
> coalition we built.
> Donate and Help Jobs with Justice continue to fight for the
> rights of all workers. Most importantly, you can become a
> sustaining member by giving a monthly donation of $10 or more
> and ensuring Jobs with Justice will always be there to stand up
> for workers' and civil rights.
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