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Subject: People's Joy Parade Call for Supporters!

 Dear Art and Parade Supporters,

I am writing you to invite you to support the 2nd Annual People’s Joy Parade
Saturday May 8th 2010 at 1:11 pm at Zocalo Cherokee.  There are many ways
you can be a part of the parade; by attending one of our workshops, walking
in costume in the parade, or offering financial support to the event.  In
addition all these fantastic artists need an audience, so don’t forget to
come watch the parade!

As an artist, I believe parades to be one of the most transformative street
level examples of performance and intervention.  Whether it is by
individuals changing their appearance through costumes or a mass of people
in solidarity temporarily changing the environment of the street, we are
bringing art experiences outside of traditional spaces and accessibly into
the open world.

This year we are focusing on celebrating the diversity of all the peoples
that call Cherokee a part of their community.  Parades are one of the best
mediums I can think of to do so and author Barbara Ehrenreich perhaps best
states this as she says parades are “just the chance, which we need much
more of on this crowded planet, to acknowledge the miracle of our
simultaneous existence with some sort of celebration.”

I’d like to share with you how we’ve been stirring up some energy this past
weekend.  Saturday we had our first Gigante workshop and began preparing a
giant mermaid and orca puppets, with a few other surprises.  Sunday we had
our second Footbeat choir practice.  In the spirit of community healing and
merrymaking, we took our singing outside to soothe the arguing groups we
heard from inside our practice room.  Our Ohh Childs traveled down the
street bringing out curious faces and peace signs from passing cars.

Already we’ve got several individuals and groups confirmed to walk in the
parade including:

Artica Founders Hap Phillips and Nita Turnage, Members of the Banana Bike
Brigade, Carver Motor Scooters, Digger, The Footbeat Choir, Wesley Fordyce
Gigantes, Galen Gondolfi and the Fort Gondo Float, Grace Space Artists,
Harris Stowe Drumline, IRE Moped Crew, Bill Krantz and Celestial Theater,
Latin American Motorcycle Association, Amanda Madoux and The March to
acknowledge Femicides, Rebecca Rivas, Bill Russell, Show Me Rhythms, St.
Cecilia’s Dancers, St. Louis Immersion School, Peat Wollaeger and the
Luchador Collab-O-Mask Artists.

If you are interested in backing the parade we are currently seeking funding
help through our kickstarter profile.  Check out this video I made, a sort
of love letter to last years parade, complete with intentions for this
year’s event.
    Our partnership with CAMP means that this donation is tax
deductible  (think
ahead for next year’s taxes).  All donors will receive a thank you letter
and optional gifts.  You can give as little as $2.22.  In addition you will
be listed as parade sponsor on the Cinco de Mayo website.
http://cincodemayostl.com/parade.html <http://cincodemayostl.com>

Below is a schedule of our future events.


Sarah Paulsen

Please email me if you wish to become involved or if you have any questions.

*Interactive-Art Pre-Parade Programming @ CAMP*!

C.A.M.P. = The Community Arts and Movement Project

3026 Cherokee Street



FOOTBEAT: A Moving Community Sing-along including favorites like "Man in the

Mirror", "Lean on Me", and "Dancing in the Streets"


Sunday May 2 @ 5pm

GIGANTE Workshops: Learn how to build your own towering puppet from papier

mache and bamboo.

RSVP Required

Saturday April 24 @ 1-3pm

COSTUME SHOP hosted by The Finder's Hive: Tweak your get-up or make a funny

hat or mask with help from some great local artists!

Fun and free for all ages -- children under 14 accompanied by an adult

please, and donations welcome!

Sunday May 1 @ 12-4pm



The People's Joy PARADE!*

Saturday May 8 @ 1:11pm

Meet in the Black Forest Parking Lot promptly @ noon to line up!

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