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	"NEWSMAX.COM"  is a right-wing pedagogy site in the guise of 

	I did not know this when I followed a link to a public 
opinion poll on the Wisconsin 'Budget-v-Unions' crisis, clicked in my 
views, then received another link to their results - contrived, 
tilted, phony.  This is how positions spoon-fed to a gullible 
minority are turned into a "Me-Too" movement, remanufactured and 
touted as a broad public mandate.

	Such deceptions are widespread in the polemics of our time. 
In response I wrote this Letter to the Editor of NewsMax Magazine... 
somebody had to do it... others may do it as well:

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Dear NewsMax Geeks:

I bumped into your link, plugged into the poll on the current crisis 
in Wisconsin budget politics, then saw how it was framed, and the 

>Do you support Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to reduce the power of
>public employee unions in his state?
>    Yes, I support him        234174(87%)
>    No, I don't support him    32776(12%)

AH, I GET IT:  You are nimrod ideologues playing to a devoted peanut 
gallery of morons, putting out stacked "public opinion" info, 
unrepresentative of everyone who ignores your partisan tripe - i.e., 
most of us.

Civil servants get what most workers HAD 40 years ago, and the public 
sector enshrined these practices & benefits of employment on our 
behalf.  The fact that the private sector has gutted labor standards 
since then does NOT make this the new 'normal'. 

Agreed, public workers may need to concede some perks in light of 
budget crunches, and pension finance was always foolhardy and doomed 
to bust - but the RIGHT of all workers to organize is NOT NEGOTIABLE!

You Repugnicans persist in the rhetorical 'bait-&-switch' - posing 
florid principles in front of fetid purposes.  You feed your devout 
followers pre-fab beliefs that they stand as True Americans for the 
political predations you espouse, and that there's something morally 
wrong with people who see through the ruse - like me.

Well, I guess this romance was always going to be short.
(It's always tough to get squares to think outside the box.)
So Long, Cubic Rubes.

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