[imc-st.louis] B&G Wed FILM & PANEL DISCUSSION: Unnatural Selection — Agribusiness vs. Healthy Food

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Thu Sep 22 14:42:22 PDT 2011

Black & Green Wednesday

FILM & PANEL DISCUSSION: /Unnatural Selection/ — Agribusiness vs. 
Healthy Food

WHEN:7:00 pm, Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WHERE: Legacy Books and Café, 5249 Delmar (near Union) 63108

**Anita Collins*, Founder of My Children’s Children

**Joe Pollack*, Journalist

**James Meinert*, New Roots Urban Farm Cooperative

**Barbara Chicherio*, Gateway Green Alliance [moderator]

The DVD /Unnatural Selection/ portrays effects what corporate takeover 
of the food system means for farmers.Genetic engineering has allowed the 
criminalization of the age-old practice of farmers’ saving seed.They are 
becoming little more than serfs under the control of giant companies.

In addition to preserving the right of farmers to decide what they 
plant, agricultural integrity means that consumers have the right to 
know what is in their food.Monsanto has worked against both of these.It 
has brought hundreds of lawsuits against farmers for saving their 
seeds.And it has vigorously opposed labeling foods with genetically 
modified organisms (GMOs).

Now Monsanto is using a new tactic.Its “American Farmers Grow 
Communities” program aims to award $3 million in early 2012 in addition 
to $4 million distributed in 2011.Intended recipients include urban 
farming groups, homeless shelters and school garden programs.

Monsanto also intends to provide money to local Farmer’s Markets groups 
promoting local, sustainable agriculture.Yet, organic farming is the 
polar opposite of industrial agriculture, which is based on 
monocultures, genetically engineered plants, patenting of life forms, 
and of course herbicides like Round Up.People have a right to food 
security: access to a sustainable supply of safe, nutritious foods that 
is free of toxins and biological hazards.

Sponsored by Gateway Green Alliance and Universal African Peoples 
Organization.For more information call 314-727-8554 or visit:


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