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Charles Amsellem blackreb at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 1 10:10:13 PDT 2004

This is an example of the content I would like to add. I forgot to include the link under the below (see the comments section...etc.); 
thanks again
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I am a member of the webetorial team at the Los Angeles Indymedia Center. I have suggested the feature about sherman austin on the front page. I have tried to post some of my cartoons ( see the comments section of this article: ) on the site and I have been taken to the following broken link:


notice the http"S" above. When I edit out the 's' I still get taken to another broken link.
 NOTE: Before I am taken to the broken link, I am given  a secure connection dialogue box to select.

I notice others have posted comments there, apparently with no problem. When I try to access http://publish.indymedia.org/ I get an F-13 8-03 graphic and the following german phrase: 
heute ist nicht alle tage,
wir kommen wieder, keine frage 
Please free up my commenting capability. I have submitted cartoons and articles across indymedia for three years now.

Thanks a lot, In solidarity,
charles amsellem
media activist/political cartoonist

ps. the article I wanted to submit to is this one: http://www.indymedia.org/en/2004/07/111554.shtml
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