[IMC-Sysadmin] Re: [Listwork] new sarai. or not?

Pabs pabs at cat.org.au
Fri Oct 29 22:21:37 PDT 2004

stefani wrote:

> i was not very involved in setting up sarai, so i an not familiar with 
> how postfix was modified, if we'll even need to patch it or not if the 
> sarge version is used; same for mailman, spamassassin, or alternative 
> spam filtering, antivirus, etc.

afa mailman goes, there are lots of patches to transfer, including ones 
against non-python stuff (apparently - jb, any details on these?). In 
order to expediate this process, we could simply port the patches to 
mailman 2.1.5 (sarge version), and split the patch up at a later date 
when we add some more patches.

Perhaps we can do the same with pipermail->lurker etc, focus on getting 
stuff moved, and then all the cool new stuff (that isn't quite ready 
yet) can happen.

> so i guess i'm asking for help in making the move.

I'm available from next weekend to actually do stuff, inc porting 
patches etc.


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