[Tech-Coord] too much e-mails addresses in the clear.

Alster alster at indymedia.org
Wed Jun 9 20:35:13 PDT 2004

intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not really convinced: imho, 'imc-docs-tech' sounds like a "docs"
> working group / IMC exists, and this list is a technical subgroup of it;
> as I see it, the list we want to create would rather represent a
> subgroup of imc-tech, that's why I would call it 'imc-tech-docs', which
> represents better our current reality.
> Anyway, since it will be a private list, it doesn't matter so much...
> then, if 'imc-docs-tech' can help us to reach a consensus, it's ok for
> me.
> Ciao,

Thinking it over again, I couldn't say which one I'd like better. This 
rather looks like a general problem to me on the whole network where 
there are different principles of ordering stuff (by place, by topic, by 
purpose etc.). This can be conflicting sometimes. But that's the wrong 
place and time to discuss that. So, do whatever you (and everyone else) 
think fits best, I'll be happy with it. ;)


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