[IMC-Tech] Re: ssl ciphers

elijah elijah at riseup.net
Wed Jan 11 17:20:23 PST 2006

I got a hold of a windows box and did some testing.

both[1] seem to work with ie 5.01 and 6. If I disable the 168 bit
ciphers, then it doesn't work in IE (the user gets a page not found
error!). I am using https://admin.riseup.net/tech/mompong-small.jpg

IE reports that it is using 128 bit, even though only 168 bit or 256 bit
are enabled in the server. I don't understand this, except that maybe
this is a bug in IE.

What is really weird is that I cannot connect to
https://uk.dev.indymedia.org.uk with either version of IE. The world
just spins and spins, and it never returns an error. it works with
firefox fine. I wonder what options that server is using that are
different from admin.riseup.net (apache 1.3).



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