[ahimsa-tech] Re: [IMC-Tech] Setting up mali.indymedia.org

Peter van Heusden pvh at wfeet.za.net
Sun Jan 15 23:38:54 PST 2006

Hi boud, everyone

I had a discussion with pina on IRC this morning, and we agreed that
having a topic on an existing Indymedia site would be a better idea than
creating a new site. So, the only question is, where to host it.
Ambazonia is one option, Indymedia South Africa is another, and pina
suggested the global site as a place too.

The requirements are:

1) Technical ability to host such a topic.
2) Being able to give some people in the media centre in Bamako admin
access to such a site.

The first one isn't much of a problem, but the second one could be. Just
quickly, I don't see how we can have good coverage without giving people
in Bamako the ability to edit features, etc. But this would mean giving
people who aren't - at this point - part of any Indymedia collective
admin access to a site. I don't think this will be a problem with
Indymedia South Africa, but let's hear from others about hosting
suggestions for this WSF.


boud wrote:
> hi peter, chris, imc-ambazonia,
> A suggestion which could solve the problem of needing a temporary
> domain name for WSF Mali 2006 (see below), and at the same time would
> improve contact between "nearby" (on an African scale!) IMCs:
> Request to IMC Ambazonia if the collective would accept to have a
> "topic" which is WSF-Mali or WSF-Mali-2006.
> IMC Ambazonia:
> http://ambazonia.indymedia.org/
> http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-ambazonia-contact/
> The result would be that people just select the topic "WSF-Mali" when
> they publish, and they can also click on a "Topic" archive -
> see top-left-hand of http://ambazonia.indymedia.org/ .
> The users would only need to type the URL:
> http://ambazonia.indymedia.org/
> i would guess that Ambazonians would be happy to be able to support
> the Mali WSF, but i'm only guessing. Probably sphinx or someone else
> from Ambazonia will reply:
> http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-ambazonia-contact/
> advantages - tech:
> * the server and software are already installed
> * anyone with an admin password to IMC Ambazonia can add the extra topic
> * Ambazonia people can ask ahimsa or other mir people for help in
> doing this
> * it looks like ambazonia is on ahimsa
> advantages - political:
> * mutual support between IMCs in the same "region"
> * no confusion about temporary web site versus real collective
> solidarity
> boud
> On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Chris wrote:
>> Hi
>> On Sun 15-Jan-2006 at 09:52:52PM +0200, Peter van Heusden
>> wrote:
>>> The WSF in Bamako, Mali is happening from the 19th to
>>> the 23rd of January. Can we have a 'mali.indymedia.org'
>>> server during that time to collect media from the media
>>> centre at the WSF (as discussed in #africa and on
>>> -africa)?
>>> Someone would have to offer space to host such a site
>>> (my preference would be a sf-active site) and we'd have
>>> to ok it with the DNS and process lists, I guess.
>> I'd suggest asking for mali2006.indymedia.org or something
>> like this to make it clear that initially it's a site
>> specifically for the WSF -- if the site does take off and
>> continues then activists there can go through the new IMC
>> process and get mali.indymedia.org.
>> Ahimsa hosts some sf-active sites and might be able to
>> host it, I realise that time is *very* short... I don't
>> have sf-active experience...
>> Chris
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