[IMC-Tech] failed/reset raid controller in disko

jeff moe jeff at indymedia.org
Fri Nov 10 13:56:14 PST 2006

One of the RAID controllers reset in disko, the main ahimsa* NFS server, today. 
It /may/ just need a reboot or something to clear it out.

So at this moment, disko is running on one stripe of the RAID-10. A drive 
failure now would be catastrophic. Some details of the setup:

Again, everything is still working and running, but their is no failover 
capability. Basically there are 12 drives in the setup--two pairs of 6 that 
mirror each other with each pair on it's own controller. Right now the system 
is running on one controller.

I am syncing non-mir sites from disko back to jojojojojojo, where there are 
syncs from a few months ago. I would like to prioritize this in the order of 
"most needed", so if you /do/ have a recent backup of your site, let me know so 
I can make sure I get backups of the others going first.

When the jojojojojojo rsync/backup finishes, we will likely reboot and power 
down the server to reset the card. When this is done we will rebuild the disko 

Nervously yours,


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