[IMC-Tech] Mirror for Athens required due to legal problems

kwadronaut at autistici.org kwadronaut at autistici.org
Wed Nov 15 19:47:23 PST 2006


After a short chat it became clear that an urgent request for mirrors  
was posted to www-features and not to a more appropriate list. IMC  
Athens is facing some legal problems, if you can help them out with it  
(TikiMedia), contact them at imc-athens-editorial at  
lists.indymedia.org .


(Apologies for cross-posting and probably posting on the wrong lists  
but this is an urgent situation & the author frankly had no idea what  
list would more be appropriate)

To our comrades in the Global Indymedia Network:

According to well informed sources, Police officers have requested  
that the Athens Indymedia Server is immediately disconnected from the  
computer network where it is currently hosted. The Police want Athens  
Indymedia to go offline immediately, in the face of the anniversary of  
the 1973 student uprising against the military junta, to be  
commemorated this coming Friday.

November 17th is annually commemorated with militant demonstrations  
and participants often find refuge in university grounds, which are  
protected by asylum under the country's constitution. It is widely  
speculated that this year the police will attempt to break the asylum  
and enter the university grounds - hence their efforts to get athens  
indymedia offline beforehand.

This is a message to inform the Global Indymedia Network about our  
current situation; please be alert as Athens Indymedia might be in  
trouble very soon. This also means that our website might be down for  
an unknown (hopefully short) period of time. In any case you can reach  
us at imc-athens-editorial at lists.indymedia.org

We will keep you posted.

In Solidarity & Struggle,

The Athens IMC Collective


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