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John Milton john at johnmilton.ca
Sat Nov 18 06:47:09 PST 2006

Well, RSS is a form of XML and XML specifies unforgiving "well 
formdness" so if the "www.indymedia.org" RSS parser is eating some of 
the things you discribe it sounds like there are problems there too, as 
it should reject a bad feed

LA wrote:
> Alster
>>LA wrote:
>>>mmm. Just note that most RSS feeds do not validate, either.
>>>It seems that we are way behind the standards, but as soon as ppl can 
>>>read them, it's not that a big issue
>>Well, unfortunately it does matter, as sites whose feeds are broken may
>>not be usable for syndication sites and may never have their news show
>>up on www.indymedia.org or indymedia.us etc.
> Yes, I know. There are several sorts of errors. One year ago I spent a 
> lot of time for the RSS and I came up to some points:
> (a) There is a lot of diversity on the way RSS feeds are produced. Even 
> in sites which use the same CMS.
> (b) It seems though that the native rss support, for most CMSs is either 
> inexistent, or non-RSS.1.0 compliant.
> (c) There are several specific structural errors, which exist in a high 
> percentage of the "bad" looking feeds. Gladfully, the www.indymedia.org  
> is capable of ignoring this errors
>   -  date format , characters encoding, MIME type
>   -  relative path indexes
>   - unspecified language tags (dadaIMC especially)
>    -  author not include email address (why should it? some XML strange 
> thing)
> (d) Then there are a lot of occasional errors, occurring because of not 
> enough filtering on the newswire and feature posts. For example, special 
> international characters, line breaks, ampersands etc.
> I don't know if there is any reason to focus on these errors, since most 
> cms people are focusing on new development ideas; on the other side most 
> of the errors need not a lot of work and various local techies have 
> solved them so centralizing the solutions might be a quick thing.
> I can come up with some details,
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