[IMC-Tech] domain registrars, was: [Imc-tech-emerg] indymedia.org domain name issue summary

ana ana at aktivix.org
Mon Aug 17 11:29:17 PDT 2009


alongside maxigas's option, I would like the following options to be 
looked at:

enom.com - seems to be based in Chicago (USA) and running Windows.

alto it would be good to ask the collectives listed here:
and the signatories of the manifesto here,
what registrar they use and their experiences with them.

this might be the beginning of a "proper" research?

in any case, i'd prefer this list to stick to the purely technical aspects 
of each options, i.e. what they require of us including moneys, and the 
more political ones, i.e. whether the company that runs the service 
operates like a collective or an NGO, whether it is necessary or not for 
indymedia to not provide a real name to the registrar, for instance, to 
lists like the communication list, for discussion, and then a concrete 
proposal to be sent to process list.


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