[IMC-Tech] Draft: How to properly shut down an IMC

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Somethings I do agree with Mark that Commwork could be one of the
collectives that could take care of this process and I'm there to help
on it.

About the points that Alster wrote to shut down an IMC, I think that
they are enough for a non-tech process and to attend the suggestions
that appeared here we could put a note on the end of the steps telling
that the tech process to freeze the imc will preserve the contente and
the list archive. Like let it public for future researches, etc.

Another thing is that during the process to construct a 10 years
Anniversary Global Meeting I worked in a table with all the imc
contacts, the number of dead imcs are a little bit more than this one
that we have here:  https://docs.indymedia.org/Global/DeadImc#Site_lists

What I should do, start the process to properly shut down an IMC, just
to test it? or just put the sites on this list?


Alster wrote:
> mark burdett wrote:
>> Hopefully suspending a hacked cms instance is something that a 
>> reasonable webhost has a process to do on its own?  Whereas "shutting 
>> down an IMC" is a larger process where we can notify the network that 
>> an IMC is inactive and the network can agree to delist this IMC until 
>> it re-forms.
> So, you may have the steps this would take on your mind? Can you
> document what you think it would take on the wiki for us?
> I put my initial suggestion here, ready to be edited and improved upon:
> https://docs.indymedia.org/Global/DeadImc#Proposal_draft_2009
> Feel free to change it to your liking, or to add your own suggestions
> instead.
>> I was involved in delisting a few US IMCs last year e.g. 
>> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-process/2008-August/0813-01.html 
>> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-process/2008-June/0605-ai.html 
>> and I didn't find the process at all difficult or time-consuming 
>> (although I realize there are quite a few more inactive IMCs out there 
>> that need to be delisted). I am happy to serve as a volunteer "grim 
>> reaper" if someone would like some help shutting down an IMC.
> If you ever happen to have some spare time, you're welcome to get
> started with these:
> https://docs.indymedia.org/Global/DeadImc#Hand_tested_non_existing_when_te
> Note that this list is a bit old by now, it dates back to 2007, I think,
> but I'm sure the very most of these will still be as inactive as they
> used to be back then. Keep in mind that just shutting down the websites
> is not enough, it also involves notifying the global working groups to
> delete or archive all their accounts and data such as:
> * DNS entries
> * contact DB users and IMC listings
> * mailing lists
> * email aliases
> * SoS queues (if any)
> * ...
>> I'd say the technical work of figuring out how to create a static 
>> archive of an indymedia site (and in the process hopefully cleanup any 
>> backdoors as well as spam, malware etc. which may be hosted there) is 
>> more difficult and time-consuming than the process stuff. but I may be 
>> able to help w/ this technical work too, especially if I'm familiar 
>> with the CMS (e.g. I am pretty clueless about the dada CMS)
> So, since I don't think I can drive two things, I'd be very happy if you
> would like to push this further.
> Alster
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