[IMC-Tech] looking for list admin volunteers

Alster alster at indymedia.org
Sat Mar 10 13:44:58 PST 2012


I'm currently one of the administrators of this mailing list, and would
like to step down (as discussed previously). Is anyone here who is
already involved with a local IMC able to replace me?

What you'd need to do is basically to respond to the moderation requests
for this mailing lists, which involves about 5 minutes of work per week.
When there are posts to the mailing list which were held for moderation
you'll receive an e-mail explaining what needs to be done, then you can
click on a link in this e-mail and login to a website where the
moderation takes place. All you do there is allow the good e-mails
through and trash the rest.

You could also change the configuration of the mailing list, but this
will be hardly needed.

Please keep in mind that per mailing lists administrators/moderators are
necessary to keep the mailing lists online. Mailing lists without active
moderation may need to be disabled by Listwork. While you're at it,
please also check whether your local IMC's mailing lists are well
maintained, since many are not...

Any volunteers for imc-tech moderation please respond on-list first,
I'll get back to you off-list then.

Thank you,

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