[imc-uk-collective] Moving on with our project

anargeek chris at anargeek.net
Sun Jan 9 03:14:15 PST 2011


On Sat 08-Jan-2011 at 05:53:56PM +0000, Mr. Demeanour wrote:
> On 08/01/2011 17:37, freethepeeps at riseup.net wrote:
> > As we haven't heard from listwork, it seems that we are stuck unless
> > we use this list in the interim.
> Listwork need to be bumped on irc.

I've mentioned it, it's ticket 10792 from 21 Dec 2010:

- https://sos.indymedia.org/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentZoom&TicketID=10792

> > It does seem that an IRC meeting soon would be a good idea, so that
> > we can discuss this, and also firm up arrangements for Brighton.
> Agree; Tuesday?

Should be fine for me I think.

Regarding hosting a new server with riseup, that should be fine, they
have a KVM over IP so we could do a remote OS install, their main
concern is power usage -- so a low power machine would be esential.

I also was wondering about getting hposted in Iceland but haven't found
any promosing ISP's there.

Regarding IMC Cyprus see also:

- http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-europe/2011-January/0109-bf.html

All the best


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