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hiya: here is a sum up translation - a bit more clear i hope - on cd story.
ciao / ronyaxxx

2:45 15 August 2004: Press conference by CNE, National Electoral Council:
The press conference announced the uncovering of a false CNE recording from
announcing President Hugo Chavez as been revoked from mandate.

2:45pm: A press conference, by the director and the president of the
National Electoral Council: Jorge Rodriguez and Francisco Carrasquero, both
respectively, announced to the country the existence of a false recording
or assembly of their pasted voices, as being an official press release from
the CNE, in which the election results were announced, and in which
President Chavez was revoked from mandate.  

The recording samples a collection of different recordings, using the voice
of the president of the CNE; Francisco Carrasquero, where supposedly it
announces with date of today to 8:00pm, that the option for a "YES" to
revoke Chávez from mandate, was obtained by 11,436,086 votes and therefore,
he was now revoked from the presidency.  

In the recording, at first, music can be heard and the voice of a speaker
who announces the National TV Channel, thereafter, a voice as intending to
be the voice of the CNE Director Carrasquero says: "Venezuelans, the
president of the CNE speaks to the country, and informing you the final
results by the committee of the election results, the total sums up to
11,431,086 votes, and consequently the revocatory of the president of the

An inquiry has been ordered from the National General Persecutor,
Carrasquero announced in the CNE press release:  "we have ordered an
comprehensive investigation, due to serious electoral crime committed,
aimed to impose violence on the will of the voters who still have not made
their vote,
" and he adds, "sadly, considering the worlds eyes and the
international observers of the electoral process in Venezuela, that an act
of this nature has been commited. I call upon the population to continue
exerting its right to vote.".  

The CNE press conference was covered by journalist from all the corporate
media channels, in difference, to the poor attendance by corporate press to
other press conferences/releases by the council earlier today.  

Summary and translation from:
Aporrea: http://www.aporrea.org/dameverbo.php?docid=19524

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