[Imc-uk-features] new legal topic?

ionnek ionnek at gmx.net
Sun Nov 21 05:25:56 PST 2004

Hi whrauk, 

I wondered if the radio program on what they call "regeneration" is 
archived somewhere? It sounds like a very valuable resource.

It would be fabulous if you or another slow small peasant could 
transform this program into an article, with some links for further 
reference (if this hasn't been done anyway, I might have overlooked it). 
You could also post your 10 points separately and link to them - saves 
space in the actual article. (anyway i think your show format is perfect 
to be turned into thoughtful, sometimes poetic, radical, angry and 
hopeful imc articles)

 From your email, it seems that you want more prominence for the 
regeneration issue. I'll tell you what I do if I think something should 
be more prominent - see if any of it is useful for you.

Say, there is a first feature about the Thessaloniki 7 (they were in 
prison after the G8 protests in Thessaloniki, on the basis of planted 
evidence, and went on a very risky hungerstrike). I found it important, 
so did gdm and maqui. We started a simple newswire posting, collecting 
all the links we could find and presenting them in condensed form. This 
posting grew and grew, and developed into a dossier. From time to time, 
a new feature was written (when the health situation of one of the 
hungerstrikers became critical, when a court case took place, when they 
were released). The contents of these features were also added to the 
dossier in condensed form. Usually, the features linked to the dossier, 
so that people could read the full story if they wanted. At some point, 
this dossier was linked from a banner on the imc uk frontpage, and 
gradually, lots of other websites linked to it. If you google 
"thessaloniki 7", our dossier is still top of the list.

For the olympics speculation issue, i could imagine a similar process. 
What counts is how many other pages link to a posting.
I think definitely a feature along the lines of the radio program for 
the startpage mid column would be great. It could also be archived in 
"social struggles", because this is what it is all about: struggling for 
the infrastructure of communities, and against the grip of developers.

I am hesitant to support a new left-hand topic for imc-uk (I think 
that's what you meant by "a legal section"?). Because we have so many 
topics that were set up in a moment of enthousiasm, but are used in a 
rather arbitrary way. I don't think many people go to the imc-uk topic 
on education to find out about the lates news about education, if you 
see what I mean.
But then, if there are more people up for contributing about a section 
on legal advice, for example the advise service for squatters etc, a 
legal topic would be a great long-term project!



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