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Fri Sep 10 04:17:43 PDT 2004

Sorry have not been following this but have seen it mentioned in a few 
other lists

if the reason the other two posts were hidden was cos of the bilderberg link
then this artcle is ok no?

the main link is the one that's on that article

i don't think you can hide something as a repost
if in fact the original material was hidden cos of the bilderberg link

therefore this should be unhidden.


At 11:39 10/09/2004, spanner wrote:
>radged01 at fastmail.fm wrote:
> >
> >>article on freemasons is shown as having 2 comments but there aren't
> >>any. are other articles missing comments? why?
>Sounds like the startpage generated before the article updated.  That
>happens sometimes, but doesn't last long: articles-changed updates go on
>all day long.
>I've just hidden that article, 297485, as a repost.  One commenter even
>points out that it's a repost of 297318, and then tries to restart a
>hiding debate, yet again.
>The original post had a link to this long list of of freemason titles,
>plus two links to a far-right bilderberg NWO conspiracy site
>So now the contents of one of 297318's links gets posted, minus the
>bilderberg link, but now it's just a list of masonic titles.  so the
>authors' chopped the bilderberg link out of his repost, I guess to test
>out whether that's why the last one was hidden. "Secret masonic
>bilderberg agents operating inside Indymedia", I guess.
>So I've hidden it as a repost, but it could just as well be called
>non-news on its own.
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