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Daniel Sayer Rabblewise daniel_sayer at ntlworld.com
Thu Sep 16 03:40:38 PDT 2004

I propose that you make my story about Green Street Market
a feature. With some affective direct action the so called
"regeneration" of the market can be stopped. We can help
the traders and local residents who have already formed the
Save Green Street Market group.

If this issue can be made national we have a very good chance of
preventing Newham Council from destroying the market and surrounding
streets. The issues it raises are:

How crooked planning is in this country
How crooked so called 'consultation' processes are
How short sited and big business orientated are certain councils
How corporate globalisation affects local people

I can provide more information if anyone is interested
I can provide photos and a short film to flesh out the story

Let me know what you all think

Thanks for your time

All the best


Andy O'Sullivan & Daniel Sayer
rabblewise films
33 Ranelagh Road
E11 3JW
Dan: 020 8522 0722 / 07780 513106
Andy:  020 74746302 / 07761  801965
daniel_sayer at onetel.com
jjaosullivan at onetel.com
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