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Graham Martin graham.p.martin at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Sep 17 09:27:46 PDT 2004

Perhaps I can make a suggestion here...

I don't know if this is already done much, but could someone just get a 
few blank CD's, and stick Mozilla and OpenOffice for Windows on them, 
and then "advertise" them on the WIKI pages as an alternative to large 
downloads.  Would also be good to give them out at the ESF with a 
"who-what-why" document on IndyMedia on them aswell.

I'm trying to get my university student union to do the same.  If you 
want to be elaborate, have a full batch installer system with auto-load 
program and selection of programs to load and automatic stuff like that. 
  Otherwise its just stick the normal full install files and a core 
read-me in the top folder.

I for one had to download several RC's and Finals of OpenOffice.org onto 
my laptop over phone lines while at uni, and it was a pain.  At least I 
was a computer science student with a political conscience.  I'm now a 
Peace Studies student with technical skills and so its still no problem. 
  But without both these factors I'd be hard pressed to want my computer 
sat there, hooked up, all night.

Yours for Peace and Justice,
Graham Martin

N.P. Gill wrote:

>>i agree: no m$ please.
>>but imc tech people who are most sensitive to this issue have to
>>understand that many people are a long way back  and getting online at
>>all is an achievement. progress towards m$-free working will be gradual.
>>maybe it would be quicker if there was a step by step guide online that
>>people could refer to. i would gladly use something like that.
> i just want to reiterate what radged has said. I hate MicroSoft too. 
> Unfortunately I, and plenty of others in our collective, am a bit shit on 
> the computing front. I don't have a computer, I can't install things, I 
> wouldn't know how to if I could. I/we have to use work computers - my 
> work, fortunately, has openoffice compatible software, other people's 
> does not. If they are to be able to, e.g., make posters for our film 
> nights they need to use Word. The situation's fucked but there it is.
> So there is a decision to make - 1) allow the use of Word for INdyMedia 
> documents for the sake of people who aren't tech-ed up OR 2) stop the use 
> of Word and accept that some people will be excluded (at least initially). 
> I appreciate Ana's offer of training to try and avoid the exclusion - if 
> we want to take the second option, then training is essential... Actually 
> I think I tend towards the second option really but we should at least 
> recognise what it implies...
> nick:)
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Yours for justice and peace,
Graham Martin

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