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jackslucid jackslucid at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 21 13:15:02 PDT 2004

I see the knee jerk reaction is still fashionable.

"chemtrails conspiracy stuff"

3 words that, loosely strung together, are ment to indicate something?

But what?

Is there not one of you that will allow the debate, about the manifestly
obvious and obviously manifest existance of chemtrails, to begin on your
'hallowed pages'[sic]?

They maybe many things, but conspiracy isn't one of them.

Whether or not one takes the line that the 'stuff' is merely the incidental
result some of the new jet fuel additives - like jp8, designed 'to burn
stabalize' the kerosene - or are some sinister plan to innoculate
populations in preparation of the new world order[s] is irrellivant.

The fact is that, with the ever increasing amount of air miles clocked up,
these chemical residues are being deposited in the upper atmosphere on a
regular and widespread basis.

If you think that dismissing the - maybe occassionally ignorant - concerns
people have on this phenomena with smarmy, smug and glib one liners is the
correct thing to be doing in your role at indymedia, then truely, as a
civilization, we are fucked.

jacks - justcallmemadcauseitseasierforyou - lucid

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