[Imc-uk-features] proposal to turn 298114 into a feature

philb at redbricks.org.uk philb at redbricks.org.uk
Mon Sep 27 06:17:26 PDT 2004


it's up now, so it may be a bit late for a comment on this proposal, 
but all the same i want to point out that of the ten features on the 
main page, five of them are about venezuala, which to be honest is i 
think too many.


On 24 Sep 2004 at 17:32, charley allan wrote:

> proposal to turn 298114 into a feature
> title: Free Cesar Zelada Campaign (jailed in Bolivia)
> by: Jorge Martin, 24.09.2004 12:49
> abstract: Reports of a growing solidarity campaign with Cesar Zelada.
> Cesar is the Peruvian organiser of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign

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