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radged - this is a great article.

if u are still awake, you might like to propose it to global as well
(there is a 6hour limit, rather than 24  like on uk).

the one suggestion i would have is to remove some of the 'corporate'
links especially the guardian - i am sure all the papers covered his
release adn it is not appropriate, i don't think, for imc to be
advertising the guardian. and maybe there are more links internationally
on imc sites as well, i don't know... (did u know there was an
israel.indymedia.org as well?)

anyway, send it to www-features at lists.indymedia.org - it'd be great
to see it up.

love and solidarity,


radged01 at fastmail.fm wrote:

| here is the vanunu feature. aren't sure if the code before / after links
| is as it should be. please can someone check the code and - barring
| objections - put it up on site?
| -----------------------
| * IMC UK Feature / thurs 30 Sept 04
| * Selection of photos here: http://www.vanunu.freeserve.co.uk/
| -----------------------
| "it is exactly 18 years and i am free and strng as i was 18 years ago"
| - Mordechai Vanunu

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