[Imc-uk-features] FEATURE PROPOSAL: Zanon workers

yossarian yossarian1936 at speedymail.org
Tue Apr 19 08:47:32 PDT 2005


The Zanon workers in Argentina are going to have a demo/march on
Thursday, I'd like to try to get that up as soon as possible after we
get a text detailing what happened in English.  The quality of writing
we usually get from the people in Argentina is very high...anybody who
wants to could start working up background info, getting links ready to
set the scene for a feature.  Interested?

Is it alright with people if this feature goes on the front page late
Thursday or early Friday?  We could do something right now but they said
they felt it is better to wait a little and show organization, strength,
and community support rather than just reporting on repression.  So that
gives us a couple days to organize lots of coverage of this thing maybe,
if people want to work on it.


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