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agree :) it's worth getting this up quickly.

At 20:45 26/04/2005, ben at riseup.net wrote:
>Have been asked to sort out a feature (see below) and jump the normal 24
>hour wait on the basis of timelyness. There are people up trees outside BP
>HQ and will be staying up all night and are asking for support so I
>figured it's fair enough. At the same time up north, another action took
>place so it hang together quite well.
>I will put it up as a UK feature and propose that it be a London and which
>every region up north contains Hull.
>Feel free to tamper, remove, add links, fix spelling etc etc.
>below is the text...Weather Worries
>According to the UN, climate change kills 150,000 people every year. Tony
>Blair has described the threat as the gravest we face, but does nothing to
>address the issue. In an attempt to put climate change and energy on the
>public agenda, today saw not one but two actions.
>our women and four men scaled Deputy Prime Minsiter house in Hull,
>northwest England at dawn, erecting temporary solar panels on each of the
>house's two mock turrets. A banner hanging from one of the turrets read,
>``Hi, 2 Jags! Hit targets not voters'', in a reference to Mr Prescott's
>ownership of two Jaguar saloon cars. Their statement said that John
>Prescott's is putting Britain's climate change targets at risk by failing
>to make UK homes more energy efficient.
>"The Deputy PM's got a reputation for straight-talking, but since the
>election kicked off we've heard barely a squeak about climate change from
>big hitters like him. As long as the average existing British house is
>responsible for six tonnes of CO2 every year he's not dealing with the
>climate crisis. He's in danger of hitting more voters than climate
>targets. Whoever wins on May 5th needs to get serious about energy
>efficiency.", said one of the protesters from the roof.
>Meanwhile in London at the crack of dawn, protesters from London Rising
>Tide climbed two huge trees opposite the BP head office in St James
>Square. They unfurled a huge banner reading 'BP fuels climate chaos' while
>others leafleted passers-by, BP workers and member of the press. The
>action coincided with BP announcing record profits (£1.3m per hour this
>quarter) as they reap the rewards of surging oil prices since the invasion
>of Iraq.
>The protesters are still up the trees and plan to stay overnight so if you
>can, pay them a visit to give them some support.
>There will be a day of action against climate change on the 8th July as
>part of the mobilisations against the G8 summit.
>photos in the newswire and video to follow
>Press release http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/04/309821.html
>Photos from BP action - http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/04/309840.html
>Prescot action report
>http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/04/309824.html / photo
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