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Mon Jan 31 07:34:03 PST 2005


I agree that gettig the old archives into better shape
would be a great thing :-)

On Mon 31-Jan-2005 at 02:06:57PM +0000, Tony wrote:
> I have tried to add what i remember and kept the wording
> short/simple - and depending if it is a technical reason
> can we list them by date going down as we have with the
> years - ie. jan at bottom dec at top.  (i will have to
> do a bit more research to find the right order!)

Hmm, I think they are all listed in alapabetical order...
so short of adding numbers to the start (which wouldn't
look nice) I don't think anything can be done about

> Also i think it would be good to list many more - that
> we reported at the time - to show that we are not only
> interested in summits - so i have added below the lists:
> the ones we also did  on world page - and there will be
> more i have missed.  I know the list is long but to me i
> like to show how wide and far this movement reaches -
> and this is an important archive indymedia has, alot of
> people coming to see the site will not know the resent
> history...

Wow! If people have time to go though the archive
classifying stuff for this that would be *really* cool but
it's probably a few hours work to add each one (at least,
probably more for the older ones).

This might be documented on the wiki, if not we should
stick it up, basically this is what would need doing for
each new action topic:

1. Get a superuser to create the topic (each region has at
   a superuser, if you can't find one ask in irc), each
   topic needs:

   (a) A name, this is what is displayed in the box, eg:

         Evian G8

   (b) A filename, this is going to be used in the URL of
       the topic, eg:


   (c) A template name this only need to be something
       other than the following when adding new regions:


   (d) An archive url, this determins where about the toic
       will be created, and includes the year for action
       topics eg:


   (e) A description, the existing descriptions are
       generally far too short and most need work doing on
       them, eg:

         May 2003: Evian G8 Summit. 

   Follow the steps above and you create a page like this
   (but at first it will have no content... go to step 2):

2. Classify existing content so that it appears in the
   topic -- this basically involves using the search
   engine in the admin interface to find material that
   should be in the topic then editing it and ticking the
   right box and then saving it. 
3. An added complication for pre-Mir material is that a
   lot of internal links are potentially going to be
   broken, for example look at the top article on the
   first action topic:
   All the internal links go to addresses like:

   Now we *might* be able to set up a redirect script for
   these (with some help from bunny, he is the expert on
   this :-) but we sure can't for the external links, eg:

   However we *could* modify links like this to point to
   the internet archive, eg:

   So... it's *not* a quick job to do it properly....

> Maybe if we have to decide what we reported and what
> other indymedia sites reported - iether list just one or
> separating by coloured link. 

These boxes are automatically generated from the topic in
the database... but we could add things to the bottom of
the boxes though, like we have with the Kollectives box (
the Scotland and Bristol links).

> Or if you all find this list too long lets do what SB
> suggested and put it all on a page with longer
> explainations.

I think the list is fine, and I would generally like to
see the action topic used more often (for example we
didn't set up as many as wel probably should have last
year) *but* I really think that we should *only* set up
action topics for past events as people have time to do
the reclassification work -- take a look at the 2001
Barcelona topic:

There have only been 3 newswire items and no features
added to this topic... I guess there is more material on
this event on the site...? I also guess it's just not been
done because it really time consuming work sorting the
archives out...


> Actions 2005
> - Glenneagles [G8]
> Porto Alegre [WSF]
> Actions 2004
> - ESF in London
> - MayDay
> Anti-war actions
> ?? [WSF]
> ** there must be loads more for 2004 - iether that or we all fell asleep!
> Actions 2003
> - WSIS [we seize]
> - Bush visit to UK
> - Disarm DSEi
> - Evian [G8]
> - MayDay
> - F15 No War Global Action
> - Saloniki EU Summit
> Bolivia uprising (20feb)
> Porto Alegre [WSF]
> Paris [ESF]
> Oslo
> Actions 2002
> - Argentina Uprising
> - Barcelona [EU]
> - Strassbourg [Border Camp]
> - Copenhagen [EU]
> - Johannesburg [Earth Summit]
> - MayDay
> - AntiWar [Day of Action]
> - Prague [NATO]
> - Seville [EU]
> Kananaskis [G8]
> Burnley [ANL]
> DC [IMF/WB] A20
> Media democracy day
> NewYork [WEF]
> Porto Alegre [WSF]
> Woomera [No border]
> Firenze [ESF]
> Actions 2001
> - Barcelona [WB]
> - Border Camps
> - Brussels [EU]
> - DSEi [Fiesta for Life]
> - Genoa [G8]
> - Goteborg [EU]
> - MayDay
> - Peace not War
> - Salzburg [WEF]
> - Qatar [WTO]
> - Brussels [EU]
> Davos [WEF]
> Bonn [Climate]
> Castor [Nuclear]
> Davos [WEF]
> Int Women's day
> Quebec [FTAA]
> Sao Paulo [FTAA]
> Zapatista caravan
> DC [IMF/WB] [j20]
> Porto Alegre [WSF]
> Actions 2000
> - Prague [IMF/WB]
> - MayDay
> - Washington DC [WB] A16
> Nice [EU]
> Melbourne ?? [IMF/WB] sept 8th
> Den Haag [Climate]
> Hawaii/Chaingmai - ADB
> Int Womens day
> Okinawa [G8]
> Davos [WEF]
> Actions 1999
> Seattle [WTO Meeting] N30
> Geneve [G8]
> London - June 18th

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