[Imc-uk-features] I'm leaving Indymedia indefinately

Tom Armstrong tomarmstrong at riseup.net
Mon Jun 6 07:24:12 PDT 2005

Hiya, just a breif notice to say I won't be doing any Indymedia stuff for
the forseeable future. This is primarly due to major personal changes that
are occuring as I leave univerisity for the big, bad world. For starters,
I am suffering from what I think is commonly known as 'activist burnout',
where I am sick of just participating in protests that in the end of the
day don't really change much, and I have personally lost a lot of faith in
my ability to change things. Sadly this seems typical for most "student
activsts" once they have leave univeristy. In addition, I continue to read
Indymeida and find myself being pissed off by all the drivel, and
stuck-up, dogmatic attitudes of the people who post on the newswire, and
it seems to be all chaff and no wheat. Additionally I won't have much
access to the Internet apart from the public library for the summer, so I
would be unable to do much anyway.

I am not sure if my attitude about all this will be changing, but needless
to say I need to sort out my own life, and I am not sure if I will
continue in any political activism. Anyway, good luck with everything,
including the G8, and sorry about this rant,

Tom A

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