[Imc-uk-features] Re: [imc-uk-tech] Displaying thumbnails of images

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Sun Nov 27 07:41:57 PST 2005


The code to display thumbnails of images in articles has
been deployed and in addition all articles with images and
all articles with comments have been marked as unproduced
-- this means that over the next few days articles.changed
will take longer to run as tens of thousands of articles
are going to be regenerated so that they get the new
thumbnail and comments diplay.

One thing that we might want to change is the CSS for
thumbnails -- take a look at this page:


The extra whitespace is caused by the original images
being different heights (426px and 414px) and the only way
to solve this for all possible image sizes it to set a
height for the thumbnail and this looks OK for images that
have a odd aspect ratio, eg:


But when all the images are the same size it dosn't look
so great because the boxes have too much whitespace:


So... I think the options are:

1. Leave the CSS as it is and accept that when images of
   different heights are uploaded the layout goes a bit

2. Set a height and remove the border around each

Of course since this is just a CSS thing we can do
different things for different regions...


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