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> > Proposal to promote 328434 to a uk feature.
> I'd support a feature on the tour. I've been meaning to write one for 
> the Workers' Movements topic page. This article however isn't a feature :-(

How about the below.  For Workers' movements, Anti-militarism, World.

Not sure about for the UK page - what do people think?


Iraq Oil Union President to Tour UK


<p>Organising over 23,000 workers in Iraq's oil and gas industries, the
Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq (IFOU) is struggling against both the
US/UK military occupation and the corporate-led privatisation of Iraq's
industry. The president of the federation, Hasan Jumaa Awad, is touring
the UK and addressing public meetings during November and December. 
The Union has stated that ‘The privatisation of the oil and industrial
sectors is the objective of all in the Iraqi state/government. We will
stand firm against this imperialist plan that would hand over Iraq's
wealth to international capitalism such that the deprived Iraqi people
would not benefit from it ... we are taking this path for the sake of
Iraq's glory even if it costs us our lives.’ 
Ewa Jasiewicz, Co-Convenor of the IFOU Support Committee
‘Naftana’ (meaning ‘Our Oil’) said, ‘Hassan’s second visit to the UK is
a wake-up call. Iraq’s oil has not yet been privatised, and the IFOU are
in a position, physically, strategically and historically to make sure
that it never will be. This union needs our maximum support’. 
<a href="/en/2005/11/328434.html">Itinerary</a> | 
<a href="http://www.basraoilunion.org/">Oil Union website</a> |
<a href="/en/2005/11/327261.html">Announcement of Tour</a> |
<a href="/en/2005/11/327765.html">Appeal for Funds</a> |
<a href="/en/2005/10/326547.html">Denied Entry to Germany</a> |
<a href="/en/2005/11/327988.html">Background Info</a>
] </p>


To sign up for alerts from Naftana, please send an email to:  <a
href="mailto:naftana-subscribe at lists.riseup.net">naftana-subscribe at lists.riseup.net</a> . These are sent every month or so, and keep supporters informed of strikes, and other union activities. If you also send your mobile phone number, we will add you to the urgent alerts list, which will be used to mobilise protests in the event of attacks on IFOU members.
See also the <a href="http://www.basraoilunion.org/">federation's home
page</a> for regular news updates.
The GUOE became the IFOU on October 12th 2005 after the affiliation of
further oil unions from Maysan and Dhi Qar provinces. They are currently
still in talks with an independent oil union in Kirkuk.
Ewa Jasiewicz or Sabah Jawad, Naftana, UK Support Committee for the IFOU
07749 421 576  freelance at mailworks.org or 07946 334 238
sabah.jawad at idao.org
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