[Imc-uk-features] Feature proposal on developments with Critical Mass

Roy Bard freethepeeps at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 17:45:32 PDT 2005

Hi - its up with the suggested changes prior to this one. Feel free to
add links, tidy up html, improve text etc etc :D


ekes wrote:

> Notts IMC wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> Would it maybe be an idea to link to other critical masses happening
>> around Britain in the critical mass feature? Just to give it more
>> national
>> relevance? A quick search came up with this...
> There should be (at least the calls for) Leeds Critical Mass in the
> wire as well. I'm not conviced that the DSEi cycle protests quite hit
> it as a Critical Mass - although maybe they do and I shouldn't be so
> quick to judge,
> Also just for interest
> 01:10 <@ekes> hehe this is a nice cyclist eye view on our critical
> mass thing:
> 01:11 <@ekes> http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/daily-news/article.php?id=6034
> 01:11 <@ekes> Going on a club run in London? Tell the cops six days
> beforehand....
> 01:11 <@ekes> At the 30th September Critical Mass ride in London, bike
> police leafleted the riders. "Public
>               processions" - especially those taking in the sights of
> Westmister - must now register with New
>               Scotland Yard or the participants could get nicked. So,
> will groups of cyclists be arrested in
>               future if they don't lodge route details with the Met?

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