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ekes ekes at
Mon Oct 17 03:47:15 PDT 2005

mini mouse wrote:
  > At 08:34 +0100 17/10/05, Roy Bard wrote:
>> The problem is that is there is no consensus about what the newswire
> should be doing
> ... which of course would give us a problem with "promoting posts" - 
> what criteria do we use to promote them?
> Promoting posts however does feel like a positive action, hiding posts a 
> negative action. It could be that if we can sort out what the newswire 
> is for, the option to promote as well as hide might make cleaning a 
> balanced activity rather than a depressing process of censorship.

I think that using an open editing system - not unlike the one we have 
now for hiding, report to list etc. - we would develop a continuing 
positive consensus on what we want on the front page newswire.

I'd love to see a mixture of what peeps feel should be highlighted as 
good posts.


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