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cc cc at riseup.net
Tue Oct 18 01:51:42 PDT 2005


I agree that sorting things like this out at face to face
meetings is a good idea where possible...

On Mon 17-Oct-2005 at 11:16:18PM +0100, ilyan wrote:
> Why the obsession with consensus?   You are going to
> make it a very boring site. 
> And make it very easy for the enemy to get rid of those
> who are their most effective opposition.

Hmm, interesting point... the only two features that I can
think of in the last few months that there was not a
consensus on for publishing on the front page are the CAAT
spy feature (but it was published on the newswire?) and
the Venezuela youth festival (which was published on the
world page)...

So while I do see what you are getting at I don't think
there really is a problem at the moment...


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