[Imc-uk-features] Retitle "Successful Anarchist B...?

ilyan ac.thomas at ntlworld.com
Mon Oct 24 14:57:24 PDT 2005

"Successful Anarchist Bookfair marred by police attack" does give a 
wrong impression.  The police attack on a  pub three or four doors down 
should not be represented as a direct attack on the Bookfair.   '... by 
nearby police attack' would be better.   

Wetherspoons licences exclude music.  Anarchists go to Wetherspoons for 
cheap drink and the quiet to hear their conversations.  Nihilists who do 
not want anyone to overhear what they are plotting presumably frequent 
noisy music pubs. - there was one along across the road from Wetherspoons.

Two ? Crusties need to be positively identified and their origin 
ascertained.  The mixed up words reaching me are begining to seem like 
black propaganda.


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