[Imc-uk-features] Imc-uk-features Digest, Vol 44, Issue 37

Mike D mike-d at riseup.net
Thu Dec 28 02:13:09 PST 2006

Some more hides:-

358866 - non-news
358867 - racist
358874 - repost, non-news, just a link

Also, can anyone help me with which some techie stuff? Which batch
jobs do I need to run after hiding articles?

I have been running startpage.generate which updates the publication
site okay, but synchronization.run does not appear to update the
production site(s).

Usually after some arbitrary period of time the newswire will
reflect the latest updates but refreshing the homepage often brings
back varying results. Is this due to different mirror sites being
out of sync, and why do they take so long to update?



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