[Imc-uk-features] Jobs to run after hiding articles, was: Re: Imc-uk-features Digest, Vol 44, Issue 37

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Thu Dec 28 03:15:28 PST 2006

Hi Mike

On Thu 28-Dec-2006 at 10:13:09AM -0000, Mike D wrote:
> Also, can anyone help me with which some techie stuff?
> Which batch jobs do I need to run after hiding articles?

The ones I'd run are:

  articles.changed -- this will results in the "hidden"
                      graphic obscuring the article.
  startpage.generate -- this will result in the article
                        link vanishing from the front page                    

If there are not many things waiting you could also


> I have been running startpage.generate which updates the
> publication site okay, but synchronization.run does not
> appear to update the production site(s).

No, it hasn't done for some years -- the push from the
production server to the rsync server is run via cron
every 8 minutes (unless the last sync is still running)
and then the mirrors update from the rsync server every 5
or 15 mins depending how the mirrors is set up (they
should all be doing it al least every 5mins but I don't
think they all do).

> Usually after some arbitrary period of time the newswire
> will reflect the latest updates but refreshing the
> homepage often brings back varying results. Is this due
> to different mirror sites being out of sync, and why do
> they take so long to update?

Yes, different mirrors update at different times.

The thing that really slows things down is the rsync push
from the publishing server to the rsync server and we are
looking at addressing this in two ways:

1. Using a script that updates via http, this is in

2. Getting a faster publishing server that isn't totally
   bogged down with iowait (disk access) problems.


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