[Imc-uk-features] proposal for permanent features !?

WietsE wietse at indymedia.org
Sat Dec 30 10:00:10 PST 2006

Shiar wrote:
> On Fri, December 29, 2006 9:25 am, WietsE wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> To give the coverage of some issues on Indymedia a bit more 'depth' I
>> was thinking of creating static pages on certain issues to give more
>> background information. We could name these 'dossiers' or 'files' or
>> whatever.
> Yes, it's a great idea, but can we really do it? We hardly have people
> doing 'little' features. But if we did, then great. I've done that a lot
> for other (Arabic) sites and it's really haaaard work. You can ask
> MiniMouse about his work on SOCPA.

Yeah, I'm aware of that. I guess active people within imc-uk would work 
on issues that they find interesting. But yeah, it would be on a diy 
kind of level. It's just about finding a space maybe where we can put 
them. Once a few have been created we could just have a page that lists 
them, according to topic. A bit like the 'Past Major Coverage'.

>> I think that in most features we only slightly touch the surface when
>> trying to talk about the actual issues or subjects. Especially with new
>> people visiting the site, who aren't as familiar with certain issues, it
>> could be of great help. Also we tend to accuse mainstream media of only
>> covering actions and demonstrations in a superficial way, and with a lot
>> of features focused on actions that have happened and lacking a more in
>> depth analysis of what's going on, we might be guilty of that ourselves
>> sometimes.
> Superficial v profiles is a bit misleading imo. Profiles don't necessarily
> mean alternative in-deapth analysis. All mainstream media have profiles on
> all kind of stuff, so what?

Hmm, well I just think that unless you're used to reading about this 
stuff or are familiar with the issues concerned some features will be a 
bit difficult (jargon and that). I was just thinking of creating an 
accessible way for people to read and learn more on specific subjects or 
issues. I'm not so sure about the usefulness of (action) topic pages in 
the long term as all the articles just disappear down into the archives, 
which are rather unaccessible.

>> So a static page, then can constantly be updated and linked
>> to from features and linking to newswire articles (like a permanent
>> feature?). Additionally these pages could be collected into startpage
>> specials for the appropriate (action) topic pages. Although this is just
>> a list of links, it is a simple example that was made during the G8,
>> last year: http://publish.indymedia.org.uk/en/static/g8.html
> A better use of startpage-specials and topics is much easier and would
> serve the same purpose. Not that I'm dissing Wietse's proposal.

Hmm, yeah maybe. Somewhere next month I will start working on a couple 
of pages and see...

Anyways, have a good new year


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