timeout please [was: Re: [Imc-uk-features] re: Why were these hidden?]

andi andi at syndicate.org.uk
Wed Jan 25 17:13:02 PST 2006

memyself wrote:

> jeez zcat what the hell are you flaming about? i'm really getting 
> tired of your
> mails mate. we've always hidden crap comments when we came across them!

i intended this to be for zcat only but have hit the reply-to-all
button. oops. bad me! it has hit sore spots evidently but i wonder

i was just surprised by the vileness of mails in the features
list and wanted to check with zcat. i mean all this tit-for tat
on that list is insane. i'm not monitoring features as i used
to, and i don't have the idea that there's a particularly evil
thing going on. we've always been quite rigid and i'm proud of
that, and have been a part in that. on the other hand zcat is
probably right that that particular crap comment should stay as
guy replied.

but the real question i have is: how come peeps on this list are
so tetchy? i'll check on what's been hidden and the archive. but
in any case PLEEEEAAAASEE don't use my question to have a go all
around but remember we're actually a collaborative project, not
a slagging-off-each-other one!!!

cheers andi

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