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"Let me ask you again, more politely if you like - every anti-racist worth his or her salt recognizes the "zionist controlled world media" as a standard gambit of far-right groupings.  Either you agree with this or you don't.  I have no power to expel you from this list unilaterally, but I think nobody on the list is going to want to collaborate with someone saying this kind of crap.  So either distance yourself from it or please leave the list."

Well, I'm sure your politeness is appreciated (if a little hard to spot).

Who appointed you as the mouthpiece for 'every anti-racist worth his or her salt'?  I don't remember being asked ... but I'm sure for you (at the moment) I don't make the cut!

Yes, I am sure that many groups and their websites, that might loosely be discribed as right wing, would use this gambit ... whether or not they carry it off (for me) depends on whether or not they can distance themselves from the racism of hating the sinner and not the sin (most don't) and whether or not they can put it in a wider context (most don't).  The fact that such failings contribute to an arena lacking in suitable analysis should be enough of a spur to serious anti-racist anti-globilasation ists (aarrgghh bloody ists and isms) to tackle this area head on ... I live in hope.

saying 'zionist controlled world media' pushes the buttons on the 'left' just as much as on the 'right' - both equally idiotic and a distraction from the main issue - which is that the media is predominantly controlled by the military industrial complex ... of which zionism is an integral part ... PART ...  get it?

Find me anyone here who enjoys being accused of being a racist and its that person who probably is.

I apologise for infering that you were a fascist (I hate using that word nowersdays) BUT I don't care much for hysterical accusations aimed at myself either.

So now, either distance yourself from these baseless accusations or please leave the list

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